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The Importance of Trusting your Attorney

There is a common misconception, promoted by insurance companies and big corporations, that injury attorneys are untrustworthy people. The first thing that most attorneys have to do with each client is to establish trust. Some of that trust is earned simply through a client’s research of the attorney’s credentials, but most of the trust is only earned through speaking with the attorney and seeing the attorney’s act to help the client.This relationship works both ways: a client must also earn his attorney’s trust, so that his attorney can most successfully represent the client’s interests.


If you have decided to hire representation, take full advantage of the attorney’s knowledge and expertise. Some of the question’s attorneys ask are personal, and you may feel uncomfortable in answering. However, all information sought by your attorney is necessary to allow your attorney to best represent your interests. For example, on a car accident claim, a client may be asked if he or she has ever been in a car accident before. Although you as the client may wonder why this is even relevant, trusting your attorney and fully disclosing all information you are asked for is critical to ensure your attorney can craft the best narrative to support your claim for your injuries. The clever attorney can deal with any bad facts about a case, if you tell him they exist.

An attorney must be able to trust the client. If the client is dishonest, it usually blows up in everyone’s face during the claim. As they say, “The Truth Shall Set You Free.” Only by “coming clean” with your attorney about all the facts, both positive and negative, can you ensure that your attorney can successfully deal with any pitfalls that might happen during your claim. Falsehoods told to an attorney to convince them to take a case can ultimately destroy the case, because once a client is depicted as untrustworthy to the insurance company or jury, there is no coming back.

Trust is crucial for your client-attorney relationship. If there is not mutual trust, your interests will not be fully protected and achieved. Clients must always keep in mind that their attorney is on their side, and to trust the knowledge and experience of the professional they have hired.

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